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Scarecrow Jokes

Scarecrow Jokes

Scarecrow Jokes that crows find hard to hear!

Scarecrow Jokes

Why did the scarecrow win a medal?

Because he was outstanding in his field!

Why doesn’t a scarecrow eat?

He’s already stuffed!

Why did a scarecrow win a Nobel prize?

He was outstanding in his field.

What is a scarecrows favorite food?

How does a scarecrow drink from a cup?

With a straw.

Why did the scarecrow go mad?

It kept pulling straws.

Why did the scarecrow have a sore back?

It was stuff form the beginning.

Why did the framer’s daughter date the scarecrow?

Because it was a straw thing.

Why did the Scarecrow not hang out with any cows?

Because it might cost him his arms and legs.

Where do scarecrows go at night?

To the dance floor!

Why don’t draw straws with a scarecrow?

Because they might just unravel!

Why is the scarecrow the most funniest comedian around?

They can always tickle you with their straw if you don’t laugh at their jokes.

How much does the farmer pay a scarecrow for a days work?

He couldn’t give a stuff.

Why did the scarecrow go trick and treat?

He was sick and tried of his bag being stuffed full of straw.

Why do camels hate scarecrows?

Because scarecrows just love to break the camels back one straw at a time.





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